Andrew Berry and other culinarily-named Browns

Culinarily-named Browns
The team's cafeteria inside the Berea training complex

Andrew Berry, the Browns’ new top personnel exec under Sashi Brown, reports for his first day of work today, and there’s plenty of serious analysis to undertake. What to make of this young, Ivy League nexus of power in the Cleveland front office? How might the 28-year-old former Colts pro scouting coordinator handle the full slate of duties running a department of over 20 scouts and others?

So, instead of all that heavy lifting, I’ll just note that his name reminds me of one of the outtakes from my recent book, Brown for the Count: A Compendium of Cleveland Browns Lists.

There’s good reason it’s an outtake, but nevertheless, feel free to sink your teeth into this hodgepodge of Culinarily-Named Browns :

And, because I couldn’t help myself from concocting a few nicknames, there’s also

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