Brown For The Count

A Compendium of Cleveland Browns Lists

Brown For the Count Front Cover
Brown for the Count: A Compendium of Cleveland Browns Lists

Brown for the Count: A Compendium of Cleveland Browns Lists is a softcover volume released July 22, 2015. (E-book versions are forthcoming.) This 158-page readable reference spotlights the team's players past and present, memorable moments, cultural character, obscure oddities, and statistical syntheses transcending the record book.

Covering Browns history from its storied 1940s origins through the 2014 season, the book features not only the foundational facts of this uniquely reborn franchise but also a surprisingly rich range of connections imbued through generations of Cleveland pro football.

  • Who had the best rookie seasons in Browns history?
  • What NFL rules changes were inspired by Browns?
  • Which Browns were also college teammates?
  • What other teams use the brown and orange color scheme?
  • Which seven Heisman Trophy winners preceded Johnny Manziel as Browns?

Several dozen lists explore topics such as these, including a section ranking and profiling the all-time best Browns at each position.

By way of hundreds of brief anecdotes, fans from green to grizzled will enjoy many discoveries, as the list format plays well to all attention spans. Both absorbing and easy to return to, Brown for the Count helps its entertained and intrigued readers become the best-informed Browns fans around.

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