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Best of the blog

Here are the posts from this blog that I like the best. If you got here from the menu at right, these favorites follow on this page. And if that’s not enough, check out the bibliography on the “About Ace” page. January 02, 2014: The Browns’ misfire — Chud’s rookie coaching record was better than those of […]

The Browns’ misfire

The Cowboys hired a 36-year-old first-time head coach in 1960. The team went 0-11-1. Dallas stuck with native son Tom Landry and enjoyed tremendous sustained success. Bud Grant won just three games his first year but went on to win 11 division titles in 18 seasons with the Vikings. The perenially putrid Pittsburgh Steelers gave […]

One for the ages

I’m very grateful to have had the chance to take my dad and son to last Sunday’s crucial win over the dreaded Ravens. It was a memorable experience made possible through the generosity of the Browns, the extraordinary Southeast Michigan Browns Backers and its members, and my folks, who won the tickets at the Browns Backers’ […]

Chud’s hire hits homeroom

I didn’t expect that my lifelong allegiance to the Cleveland Browns would suddenly, in one day’s time, vibrate at an entirely new emotional frequency. I’ve lived, felt, and shared all the hopes, heartbreaks, inspirations, and frustrations of decades under the peculiar pull of this football franchise. I still fantasize how my inner life might transform […]

Coaching up coach

Being a Browns fan these days means awaiting the next, previously-unthinkable new way for a team to meet defeat. Yesterday’s worthy contribution to this panoply of pathos: blowing a three-touchdown lead to a 1-8 team and allowing a rookie QB to throw for five TDs and 422 yards, the third most ever allowed by the […]

The phantom ’40s

The official site’s Steve King, whose pieces on Browns history are generally pretty decent, strikes a Browns-versus-the-NFL note in reporting on the league’s rebuff of Senator Sherrod Brown’s request to have AAFC statistics recognized by the NFL. Funny, though, he never mentions the records kept by the team itself. Yes, it’s true. The Cleveland Browns […]