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Browns gain upper hand with trades down

trades down

Let’s break down the two trades that netted the Browns WR Corey Coleman and a slew of extra draft picks. This chart shows the hypothetical value of those picks according to two methods, the time-honored Jimmy Johnson draft value chart, and a more recent measure that values the historical perfomance of drafted players in the […]

What analytics means to me

My precocious son*, ┬áDeuce Davis, got busted yesterday. During math class, rather than dividing fractions like a good boy, he abused the Bring Your Own Device policy. Seems he was tweaking Version 9.2 of his mock draft while finalizing the Browns’ draft board after adjusting the injury risk factor to account for new developments in […]

Jackson reaction: Does a coach’s area of expertise matter?

I like challenges, and boy, what a challenge! — Browns head coach Hue Jackson, Jan. 13, 2016 Let the honeymoon commence! Congratulations are in order for the Haslams and their new executive team for landing their apparent first choice for head coach. But for the balance of today’s post, let’s look at what difference an […]