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Willis McGahee, a month shy of age 32, is the newest Brown, signed today to step into a thin backfield suddenly thinner given the trade of Trent Richardson. With 8,077 career rushing yards, McGahee ranks 42nd all-time. He joins the following list of veteran backs who became Browns only in the last legs of their […]

Apropos of Josh and Joe

Obsessive Browns fan, prone to perceiving patterns and observing oddities, even inanities of name and number, takes note of the following: Never in history have the Browns had more than one Josh or Joshua on the team. In fact, before Cribbs hit the scene running, the only Josh on their all-time roster was QB Josh […]

Ring ‘n the Ghost

Not often at all will you find a pair of players at the same position, traded for each other straight-up, who then hit free agency and sign with the same third team on the same day. From even comparison to direct competition. The second pre-season game is when many such roster skirmishes and depth chart […]

Trivia reader note

This site’s trivia tag is best viewed with max results set to 100 and browsed upward from the bottom of that page. The contests themselves are now expired, but comments (including requests for answers) are welcome.

Tough trivia #56

What feat do Greg Pruitt, Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, Ray Renfro, Bobby Mitchell, Eric Metcalf, Brian Brennan, Kevin Johnson, Herman Fontenot, and Willie Miller have in common as Browns players? Answer to #55: While the “new” Browns lost 100 games within their first decade of play, the original Browns did not lose their 100th game […]

Tough trivia #55

The Browns have now lost 100 regular-season games since returning to the NFL in 1999. How many years did it take the original Browns, beginning in 1946, to lose 100 games? Answer to #54: Gary Collins, who pulled double duty as a receiver and punter, ran twice from punt formation in a 27-7 win over […]

Tough trivia #54

Which Brown once ran fake punts for first downs twice in the same game? Answer to #53: Milt Plum threw 208 passes without an interception in the early ’60s, a record since eclipsed by Bart Starr and currently held by Kosar with exactly 100 more.

Tough trivia #53

Before Bernie Kosar, which Brown once held the NFL record for most consecutive passes without an interception? Answer to #52: Oklahoma’s Kurt Burris was the Browns’ first-round pick in 1955 but never signed a contract due to impending induction into the Navy. He later played in the Canadian Football League.