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One amazing Jarvis Landry stat and why it matters

When the Browns swapped a fourth-rounder and future seventh for three-time Pro Bowl WR Jarvis Landry, they knew the ex-Dolphin would signal a seismic splash on several levels. Foremost is his sheer productivity. In his four pro seasons, Landry has never missed a game, despite touching the ball 565 times on receptions, returns, rushes, and […]

Too high, too low, or about right? Over/unders, part 2

Continuing from the previous post, we preview the upcoming Browns season by setting over/under estimates for the team’s 2016 performance. Sacks allowed Last year’s Browns surrendered a 53 sacks, one off the league high. That amounted to 8% of the passing plays called. RGIII‘s career sack rate is a startling 8.7% of dropbacks. Camp observers have […]

Setting the Browns 2016 over/unders

As the Browns implement a wholesale transformation of their culture and personnel, no one truly expects a sudden surge into the playoffs this season. Nonetheless, it will be a fascinating season to witness because of both the many newcomers and the renewed possibilities for those veterans surviving the massive changes. Based on what we’ve seen […]

Jackson reaction: Does a coach’s area of expertise matter?

I like challenges, and boy, what a challenge! — Browns head coach Hue Jackson, Jan. 13, 2016 Let the honeymoon commence! Congratulations are in order for the Haslams and their new executive team for landing their apparent first choice for head coach. But for the balance of today’s post, let’s look at what difference an […]

19 noteworthy 2015 Browns statistics

The Browns’ hiring of Moneyball maven Paul DePodesta bodes well for the innovative use of data in decision-making rather than gut feelings, groupthink, or rigid adherence to conventional wisdom, which often leads to a conservative form of futility known as “playing not to lose.” But rather than speculating just yet about what kind of models, […]

The bigger they come…

Here’s how Browns quarterbacks have performed since 1999, categorized by their draft position (regular season and playoffs): Draft round W/L record W/L % Pass yards Completion % TDs INTs 1 35-75 31.8% 22,485 57.9% 119 122 2-4 13-38 25.5% 9,747 59.1% 45 54 5-end 16-25 39.0% 8,194 51.6% 50 58 undrafted 16-28 36.4% 9,568 60.7% […]

History holds hope for post-bye Browns

The 1-2 Browns return to action this Sunday in Nashville to face the 1-3 Tennessee Titans, whose head coach is Ken Whisenhunt (Browns’ 1999 special teams coordinator) and defensive coordinator is Ray Horton (same job with 2013 Browns). Another Cleveland connection is Kamerion Wimbley, the Titans’ 30-year-old defensive end, who holds the Browns rookie record […]