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Stick a Sporcle in ’em

Further documenting the woeful whirlwind of Browns football over the last decade, I hereby challenge you with my third Browns-related quiz. Name the 19 men who have led our offensive, defensive, and special teams units since the franchise’s resurrection. Go ahead, you know you wanna feel like a winner, someway, somehow. You can do it […]

Browns by number

You’d think that after driving 11 hours round-trip and investing a weekend and $200 or so to witness the Browns win their first game in 11 months, a blogger like me would have something to say about the experience. Well, I just might. But first, another Sporcle quiz. If you’ve got 10 minutes, test your […]

Typing in the trenches

Disturbed at how much of your brain force you’ve devoted to the Browns over the past decade? Well, at least you can click here to quantify the depth of your descent into die-hard depravity. This Sporcle quiz thing is all the rage, so here’s my first contribution. (See also this quiz created by a fellow […]


I’m not quite sure why, but I’m keeping track of certain statistics achieved by the Browns since their 1999 resurrection. Perhaps it’s a consolidated reminder of how god-awful this era has been, like the transcript of a hapless student. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t seen anyone else compile these data as such. It’s undoubtedly […]