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Browns head coach search status

Browns head coach search

The Browns head coach search remains in progress, seven busy days following the firing of second-year man Mike Pettine. I’ll use this space to update the state of the search, based on both official and reported developments. So here’s a list of the candidates, with the strongest and most likely contenders nearest the top: Bengals […]

One toke over the line?

I’ve been avoiding the topic since it hit like a flashlight to the retinas during the Johnny Football afterglow, but it remains the talk of the town. What about Josh Gordon? In the coming days, it’s expected that the only Brown ever to lead the league in receiving yards will be suspended based on a […]

Far-flung fields

This is only tangentially related to the Browns, but I had no idea that Condoleezza Rice used to date Rich Upchurch. Rice: the National Security Adviser during the worst security failure in U.S. history, then the Secretary of State during a precipitous decline in American prestige. But, hey, she’s a heckuva Browns fan. Upchurch: a […]