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Storytelling time

Arrright, it’s gettin’ real. Training camp is behind us. So is the starters’ last tuneup game, a decidedly mixed bag. We can now see much more about this team’s strengths and vulnerabilities. But I’m not quite ready to slice and dice all that just yet. Why boil it down for the other NFL teams, who […]

Equinox knocks, who’s there?

While the Browns’ busy off-season continues, I’ll break my radio silence here by noting that my fandom continues in spite of suffering its worst jolt since 1995 with the firing of my old classmate after less than a year as head coach. Personally, it’s been a struggle with cognitive dissonance. That partly explains why I […]

Well, I’m back

As we fast approach the fifth anniversary of this blog’s creation, even I am having trouble following its twists and turns. Here’s the chronology: 10/19/02: I launched the first-ever blog focusing on the Browns at this site. 3/26/04: After some 247 entries, I moved my posting over to a new site after a kind invitation […]