Well, I’m back

As we fast approach the fifth anniversary of this blog’s creation, even I am having trouble following its twists and turns. Here’s the chronology:
  • 10/19/02: I launched the first-ever blog focusing on the Browns at this site.
  • 3/26/04: After some 247 entries, I moved my posting over to a new site after a kind invitation by Barry McBride of Bernie’s Insiders, now the Orange & Brown Report. Original posts made here — but just those from 10/19/02 through 11/29/03 — were later copied there.
  • 2/27/06: After 266 more posts, it was time for another move, this time to the Muni Lot, due to Barry shelling out for better group publishing software and a new domain. Wiz that he is, he imported all of the posts (including those copied from here) and comments from the previous site (though the original posting dates may not be correct).
  • Today: After 147 posts on the Muni Lot, I am coming full circle and will resume this labor of love here at the site of its conception. Barry’s told me he can syndicate these posts on the Muni Lot, so I see it as a win-win-win situation for me, him, and our readers. I have quite a list of ideas and projects for the blog, but for now it’s better if I underpromise and overdeliver. I’m in the process of upgrading the template, so feel free to comment with any suggestions or feedback along the way.