Storytelling time

It's not too late for some summer reading

Arrright, it’s gettin’ real. Training camp is behind us. So is the starters’ last tuneup game, a decidedly mixed bag.

We can now see much more about this team’s strengths and vulnerabilities. But I’m not quite ready to slice and dice all that just yet. Why boil it down for the other NFL teams, who scout this blog for oppo intel? (I know this, sure as I know anything measurable about Paul DePodesta’s job itself.)

Maybe you have Browns analysis and insight to bring to Kitchens’ table. Or maybe you just want to stir the pot with a dash of wit. Join our eclectic and free Browns Writers Development and Showcase group with a simple signal of interest here.

Meantime, I’ve been laying low, gearing up, and all those clich├ęs. But it ain’t even “a process” until it proceeds, so it’s post time.

And yet, I’m not entirely ready to give up summer. I’m deep into a trio of new and upcoming Browns-related books. Full reviews are forthcoming, but I can already recommend Roger Gordon’s thorough chronicle of the ’65-’69 Browns under Blanton Collier. Blanton’s Browns solidly fills a gap in the team’s literary canon by focusing on a previously overlooked and underappreciated era of sustained success.

So yes, I’m inviting you to read and write, just in time for the start of school. But what better topic these days! Cover your arithmetic with your fantasy team if you will.

Soon we’ll learn just what story the 2019 Browns season truly offers. Moment by moment, we’ll be telling it to each other.