I’m not quite sure why, but I’m keeping track of certain statistics achieved by the Browns since their 1999 resurrection. Perhaps it’s a consolidated reminder of how god-awful this era has been, like the transcript of a hapless student. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t seen anyone else compile these data as such. It’s undoubtedly another good reason to be grateful to all those who fought to ensure that the Browns’ longstanding heritage stayed in Cleveland, so that these stats aren’t equivalent to the franchise’s records.
Whatever the case, rather than just rolling out the tables, I figured I’d pose a challenge to whatever die-hard fans of this team remain interested or fortunate enough to happen across this blog. No prizes this time (still waiting for jfiling and pissonpitt to respond to their ezInbox messages), but if you manage to correctly answer most of these questions, you most likely believe in some type of transcendent reward system anyway.
Again, these questions refer only to those statistics achieved as Cleveland Browns in the eight regular seasons since 1999.
  1. Who is the only offensive lineman to score a touchdown?
  2. Who is the only defensive lineman to score a touchdown?
  3. Among linebackers, Andra Davis has the most interceptions. Who is second?
  4. Which two players are tied for the most touchdowns in a season?
  5. As of 2006, how many different players have caught passes?
  6. Excluding former first-round draft picks, which player has the most sacks?
  7. Among current members of the team, who has the most career sacks for the Browns?
  8. In which year did a cornerback last register a sack?
  9. In eight seasons, how many different players have led the team in rushing?
  10. Which player has gained rushing yards in the most seasons?
  11. How many players have gained 600 or more receiving yards in multiple seasons?
  12. How many players have scored touchdowns in at least five different seasons?
  13. Which running back has scored the most touchdowns?
  14. Who has the most total interceptions?
  15. Only one player other than Kellen Winslow tallied receiving yards both before and after a season of no yards. Who?
  16. Which quarterback has scored the most touchdowns?
  17. Among those with receiving yards, four first names are shared by two players each. What are they?
  18. Of the top ten players in total interceptions, how many entered the NFL undrafted?