Apropos of Josh and Joe

Obsessive Browns fan, prone to perceiving patterns and observing oddities, even inanities of name and number, takes note of the following:

  • Never in history have the Browns had more than one Josh or Joshua on the team. In fact, before Cribbs hit the scene running, the only Josh on their all-time roster was QB Josh Booty, who never got into a game. Today, there are three players named Josh, not just on the same team, but at the same position (WRs Cribbs, Gordon, and Cooper).

  • “Joe” is the epitome of an ordinary name, but not so here. Perhaps their best offensive player (Thomas) and best defensive player (Haden) share that given name. Both were drafted high in the first round. They are, in fact, the only Joes drafted at all by Cleveland since “Turkey” Joe Jones way back in 1970.

  • It’s the last day of July, so players born today were likely conceived right around Halloween. Happy birthday to ghosts of Browns past Tim Couch (35), Antonio Langham (40), Larry Poole (60), and Nick Sorensen (34). Odd fact about Poole, the former Kent State star runner: he’s credited on IMDb.com with working as as a horse wrangler in the upcoming western “The Sorrow.”