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Hey Tony …

… Dungy, that is: You don’t care about the Browns. I know that. You’re a former Steeler, after all. You had a job to do last night, and that was to protect your best players from getting hurt and missing their next game two weeks forward. Fine. The players you sent out there did try. […]

Breed’s hut hut hike

Way back in college freshman English, writing on a passage from Walden, I drew what I thought was an uncanny analogy with something from my personal experience, a probable arson fire that destroyed a tennis club I had frequented. The prof, a campus legend of intimidating brilliance, was befuddled by what must have been an […]


North Olmstead native Brian Hoyer, now the starting QB for Michigan State, was quoted in the Lansing State Journal (found via the OBR Newswire and Yahoo Sports) as disavowing his Browns fandom because they drafted Brady Quinn. “I can’t root for them anymore, ever since they drafted that guy from South Bend… He lives in […]


Rich Passan has knowingly ignited a fiery fan frenzy on the boards by opining that the Browns should not exist. I’m oversimplifying, but that’s what it comes down to. You ought to read the full piece yourself, because it’s a mighty strange thesis. He doesn’t mention the other Browns, another five-decade franchise that moved to […]


I don’t spend much time scouting college football players, so I’d be the last to claim status as a draft guru. But I do have some credentials: Last year a Browns beat reporter wrote “who needs Kiper when you have Ace Davis?” If only PHD had followed my advice in 2004! The way the first […]

Root to lose?

Root to lose? Really? More than a few Browns fans think that’s what we ought to do. After all, maybe we’ll get a higher draft position, and that will result in better players and better times in the long run. Wrong answer! Go ahead and act on your own definition of fandom or your tortured […]

Savor of the season

Football season is our consolation gift for summer’s end. Lazy, open-air passions of the hot season gently simmer down with crisper winds, crunchier leaves, and more measured days. Football times this transition like nothing else. Players padded in every direction align in formation, the vanguard against the harshest unknown. As we civilians hunker down in […]


President Bush greeted him with “Hola! Como estas?” Found common ground with W on the drunk driving issue. Bush just pointed out, “Hey, there’s that major league a******” from the Plain Dealer Buoyed by assurance of additional tax relief on his signing bonus. Bush promised a constitutional amendment to ban anything but shotgun snaps Amused […]