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  • 2017 season preview: guarded heart edition
    2017 season preview: guarded heart edition
    Dave Algase
    The regular season kicks off in just a few hours, and the Browns are perched on a very strange fulcrum. It's Year Two of Hue, Sashi, and the Moneyball youth movement. Today's battle at the Stadium features a pair of 7s from northwest Ohio. Wearing the gangrene and urine is Big Ben The Unindicted, the guy the Browns eschewed oh-so-many regimes ago. Suiting up for Cleveland is raw rookie DeShone Kizer, who'll need a bit of the luck of the Fighting Irish (nicknames of both his high school and college teams) to do what no Browns QB has done in 16 years: start 16 games. (Superfluous team trivia: the first Brown to sport number 7 was indeed named Luck. Not Andrew or his dad Oliver, but Terry, a mere 40 years ago. He played just that one year, starting one game, throwing one TD pass, and catching another from Greg Pruitt. ) Hopping back…
  • Some time for 22
    Some time for 22
    Dave Algase
    Yep, I'm back, now that the Browns have already won double the games they did last season, since I'm counting preseason, and after last night why wouldn't we, right? Recently an old friend found the pictured Stephen Stills album at a used record store, and he figured I should have it. The first real concert we attended together back in the day happened to be CSN. Of course it was the Browns jersey that caught his eye. So what better day and what better way to send in a new season here at Browns Plainly than with this Clarence Scott-era jersey? After all, today's the 22nd of August. And 22 is the number of players on the field for every play. So of course, it's the number of offensive and defensive starters whom the Browns are deciding to field. The current wearer of 22, rookie safety/returner Jabril Peppers, seems primed to be among them. I had…
  • Name names: free Browns draft contest includes prizes
    Name names: free Browns draft contest includes prizes
    Dave Algase
    Got a hunch or a hope who the Browns will soon draft? Go on the record to win a signed copy of my paperback, Brown for the Count: A Compendium of Cleveland Browns Lists, straight to your mailbox. Just use this form to name up to 11 players you think the Browns will select at some point during the draft. Whoever gets the most right wins. It's that simple. Don't be daunted: last year's winners got no more than two names right among the Browns' 14 picks. Never mind about order or rounds or trades. Just fill out the form completely, try to spell the names right, and submit your entry before the commissioner opens the draft on Thursday night. No strings, no hassles. Just a fun little contest to get my book into the hands of more fellow fans. (Father's Day is June 18 this year:) Questions? Comment below, so that all entrants might see it…
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