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  • Name names: free Browns draft contest includes prizes
    Name names: free Browns draft contest includes prizes
    Dave Algase
    Got a hunch or a hope who the Browns will soon draft? Go on the record to win a signed copy of my paperback, Brown for the Count: A Compendium of Cleveland Browns Lists, straight to your mailbox. Just use this form to name up to 11 players you think the Browns will select at some point during the draft. Whoever gets the most right wins. It's that simple. Don't be daunted: last year's winners got no more than two names right among the Browns' 14 picks. Never mind about order or rounds or trades. Just fill out the form completely, try to spell the names right, and submit your entry before the commissioner opens the draft on Thursday night. No strings, no hassles. Just a fun little contest to get my book into the hands of more fellow fans. (Father's Day is June 18 this year:) Questions? Comment below, so that all entrants might see it…
  • Considering Cody and QBs in threes
    Considering Cody and QBs in threes
    Dave Algase
    In a different way than the released RGIII, Browns quarterback Cody Kessler is "The Third. " As in, things come in threes. As in, third time's a charm. Or maybe as the "rule of three," a writing principle that such groupings are somehow punchier, one way or another. "C" is the third letter of the alphabet. Cody follows Charlie Frye and Colt McCoy as the third QB the Browns drafted in Round 3 since 1999. Cody (6), Charlie (9), and Colt's (12) Browns jersey numbers were all factors of three. The odds that three quarterbacks would randomly get eligible numbers that all are factors of three is just about three percent. Cody was one of three candidates last year who would've continued the coincidence. (Considering Connor Cook and Cardale Jones obviously excludes or overlooks Dak Prescott, which is actually kind of fitting. ) Draft watchers were surprised he was taken that high, 93rd overall last…
  • Seriously, NFL GMs: You Want Brock.
    Seriously, NFL GMs: You Want Brock.
    Dave Algase
    Open letter to the other NFL teams who may be interested in a cut-rate QB we'll help you pay for: Don't wait for us to release Brock Osweiler. We expect a bidding war, just not one structured to relieve us of much of that $16 million he's getting this year regardless. Perhaps you're looking for a bridge quarterback, or a backup who has played a bit. You can never have too much depth at the game's most important position, right? Really, a mid-round draft pick (or a player still under multiyear team control) will do it for this  big boy. Vet minimum from you, while we blissfully deaden what lies beneath our salary cap. No strings on you, plus you can hope he produces enough to earn a reasonable extension. If you need to play him, that is. Not that we aren't enthusiastic about seeing him compete here in the Browns' fearsome quarterback room. He's got…
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