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  • The nadir is here
    The nadir is here
    Dave Algase
    We interrupt this radio silence to announce the nadir. Flashing irrational hope that things won't -- couldn't! -- get any worse, we simply take sad note that the Browns are today a worse football team than they've ever been other than the existential crisis of 1995 and the three-year hiatus, it's now the worst period ever for Browns fandom. Let's deconstruct each of those two declarations in turn, so that looking back from here we might soon take measure of how much better our fortunes have fared. The Browns are today a worse football team than they've ever been Until now, they've never started a season 0-10. They've lost a franchise-record 13 straight games. They've lost 16 of their last 17 on the road. Their last win -- exhibition or otherwise -- was 334 days ago. Over a third of the roster consists of rookies, and the youngest team in the league is hitting a wall. They have the worst…
  • Third time, not so charming
    Third time, not so charming
    Dave Algase
    The baby Browns discovered a new way to not net a win, letting the Dolphins slither into the end zone in overtime. It's now been 288 days and counting since Cleveland last won a football game of any kind. They were an inch away yesterday, depending on where the ball met the shoe of the newest Brown, kicker Cody Parkey, on that failed field goal at the end of the fourth quarter. Signed just two days prior as a late injury sub for Patrick Murray, Parkey became the first Brown to miss three field goals in a game since Matt Stover did so in a 1992 win over the Patriots. Ironically, both of them wore the number 3. The first Brown to wear that number was Mark Moseley, another fill-in kicker. The former league MVP finished his career in Cleveland after Matt Bahr hurt his knee tackling a Steeler kickoff returner in 1986…
  • On this home by Horror haunted
    On this home by Horror haunted
    Dave Algase
    The season-opening loss in Philly added to the Browns' long cascade of calamity. But the Week 2 opponent reminds us of the worst twist of the dagger ever to strike the hearts of Cleveland football fans. The very existence of the Baltimore Ravens derives from supreme treachery. We should never, ever forget that fact. The damage wrought by Art Modell in The Move was so much more than a vile violation of trust or a selfish assault on Browns fandom, though it was both of those. Modell's machinations ripped a playoff-caliber Browns team out of the city that had followed, favored, and funded it through thick and thin for half a century. Outrage doesn't begin to describe what promptly followed, and the departing owner was ultimately forced against his original wishes to rebrand his uprooted team. The league then figured out how best to capitalize on its promise to get the Browns back in Cleveland. Browns football…
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