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  • The nadir no more?
    The nadir no more?
    Dave Algase
    A mere 381 days ago, I announced that this was officially the worst Browns team ever and the worst time to be a Browns fan other than "The Move. " In the meantime, the team has won exactly one football game. They would somehow have to win another one just to be good enough for Coach Jackson to take a January swim in Lake Erie. With even ironman Joe Thomas waylaid for the first time in his 11-year career, the Browns' greatest consistency has been shown by Owens. Owen One. . . Owen Two. . . And sOwen. . . Now Owen Eleven. Less than two years ago, Moneyball man Paul DePodesta climbed aboard what he foresaw would be a roller-coaster. But if your car never gets out of the tunnel, what kind of ride is it really? And how long 'til ownership converts it back into a merry-go-round, with another spin at another coach, GM, quarterback, schemes, visions, platitudes, ad nauseam? As I wrote…
  • RIP John Thierry
    RIP John Thierry
    Dave Algase
    In the past 11 weeks, not only have the Browns lost every game this season, but three people I know in real life, all middle-aged guys like me, have sustained and survived major cardiac events. Sadly, former Brown John Thierry is gone at 46. The former Bears first-round pick suffered a heart attack Friday. He led the hapless 1999 Browns with a career-high seven sacks in his only season in Cleveland. His best game came in a December 5 loss in San Diego, where he sacked Jim Harbaugh three times and forced two fumbles. The second fumble gave the Browns the ball just 40 yards away from erasing a six-point deficit, with over 19 minutes to go. They immediately went three-and-out, punted, and failed to get a first down the rest of the game. So it goes. Another missed opportunity (unless Chris Berman tried it without me noticing) was not calling him John "Big…
  • 2017 season preview: guarded heart edition
    2017 season preview: guarded heart edition
    Dave Algase
    The regular season kicks off in just a few hours, and the Browns are perched on a very strange fulcrum. It's Year Two of Hue, Sashi, and the Moneyball youth movement. Today's battle at the Stadium features a pair of 7s from northwest Ohio. Wearing the gangrene and urine is Big Ben The Unindicted, the guy the Browns eschewed oh-so-many regimes ago. Suiting up for Cleveland is raw rookie DeShone Kizer, who'll need a bit of the luck of the Fighting Irish (nicknames of both his high school and college teams) to do what no Browns QB has done in 16 years: start 16 games. (Superfluous team trivia: the first Brown to sport number 7 was indeed named Luck. Not Andrew or his dad Oliver, but Terry, a mere 40 years ago. He played just that one year, starting one game, throwing one TD pass, and catching another from Greg Pruitt. ) Hopping back…
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