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  • It figures. Five far-flung facts from The Hardland
    It figures. Five far-flung facts from The Hardland
    Dave Algase
    1. Yesterday's 45-42 loss in Oakland was one of only four games in NFL history to have ended with that score, but the second already in 2018. The Jaguars beat the Steelers in the playoffs last January, overcoming Ben Roethlisberger's 469 passing yards and five TDs. 2. The "new" Browns have never surrendered as many yards in a game as they did to the Raiders yesterday. The 565 yards allowed is the most a Cleveland defense has yielded since a memorable 33-30 overtime loss in Pittsburgh in 1979 (which you can watch here). 3. Nick Chubb is for now far and away the Browns' franchise leader in career yards per carry among those with ten or more rushes. His 63- and 41-yard touchdown bursts spelling workhorse Carlos Hyde yesterday boosted his average rush to 14. 6 yards in his young career. Second place on the list is QB Kevin Hogan at 9. 8 YPC…
  • 10 Takes on Training Camp's Top Shocker: Left Tackle
    10 Takes on Training Camp's Top Shocker: Left Tackle
    Dave Algase
    UDFA rookie Desmond Harrison named starting left tackle The Browns have been graced with a series of sustained success at left tackle. Just six men -- Lou Groza, Dick Schafrath, Doug Dieken, Paul Farren, Tony Jones, and Joe Thomas -- were the primary starters for 58 of the team's first 68 seasons of play until Thomas' triceps tendon tore against the Titans last autumn. GM John Dorsey willingly chances it on certain red-flag players he finds at a discount. This puts an onus on the coaching staff, the organization writ large, and most of all the player himself to develop that talent and avoid outside traps. Harrison won't have to sweat his academic eligibility the Browns, but he does enter the league in Stage One of the substance abuse program, subject to random testing. At the outset of training camp, OL coach Bob Wylie called moving Pro Bowl left guard…
  • If you're not averse
    If you're not averse
    Dave Algase
    Two towering eyefulls of Browns poems on this sultry summer Sunday josh is back man needs some jack his position's hot X marks the spot Soak for a sec, then sip Hey 80 Juice can drop the dagger some talent to flaunt but we call the mascot Swagger not Taunt
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