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  • Beginning the New League Year of the Brown
    Beginning the New League Year of the Brown
    Dave Algase
    Sixteen years ago, back in that wacky 2002 season, I began an "expansion weblog. " In the first post, my intentions for this first Browns blog culminated with a wish to provide "a contemporaneous account of the first season when the Browns reach the pinnacle and win the Super Bowl. " Perhaps hundreds of Browns blogs have since come and gone or stayed or morphed into newer forms of engagement. But I haven't given up on that original hope. And so with the NFL beginning its 2019 league year at 4 p. m. today, it's more possible than ever that we're officially at the outset of such a superlative Browns season. I feel more hopeful of this now, more than I ever have in this long zombie era of Browns history, with all its tortuous turns and torturous screw turns. Expect overall anticipation for the Browns' season to well exceed 2008, when they thought they might…
  • No Mathematical Limits with a Franchise QB
    No Mathematical Limits with a Franchise QB
    Dave Algase
    In this year of OK (Our Kosar), 2019, the most hopefully-anointed Browns franchise quarterback since Boy Bernie from Boardman is today's darlin' Baker Mayfield. Dorsey's signature decision, and Harvey's hero already, the OK gunslinger stands ready to chipperly shoulder Cleveland's football expectations. And, really, those expectations! Those collective hopes for football deliverance -- a burden bulkier than Brady Quinn, causing overgrown men like Brandon Weeden to take cover and undergrown ones like JFF to take flight in the guise of blonde Billy! The Browns -- dynastic, then dashed, departed, and reborn undead -- are so overdue for another title that the team doc might as well lace the locker room drinking fountains with Pitocin. Back Up, Buddy, You Lost Me There OK, then. OK, Our Kosar, 2019. He wore 20 at Miami, 19 as a Brown. Keep up please. Recall Bernie's rookie year of 1985, when an injury to the newly-acquired vet Gary Danielson put the curly-headed heir apparent…
  • Browns Resurgence and a Browndhog Day Emergence
    Browns Resurgence and a Browndhog Day Emergence
    Dave Algase
    Old Dawg Trey Davis braved the ghost of past fracture and teetered down the basement staircase of his all-too-distant relative. "Ace, you down here?" he called to his nephew, as if he'd be able to hear a response anyway. But a dim lit bulb drew him downward, then the hint of what sounded like "Uuunnnnkkkk" from around the furnace where he turned the corner toward . . . Poor Dawg Trey's knees buckled the instant his limbic system sensed a bright comet, a bowling ball, surging straight toward his nose. From all fours on the concrete, the shocked old man blurted, "You sonuva brother f**" -- but Ace's hearty laughter pealed sharply off the walls. From the face-level crawl space hatch, his shiny bald skull had startled his uncle, who soon recovered to distinguish a full head in the light of a lamp clamped to a floor joist. "You did that on purpose, didn't you," Trey…
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