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  • Shades for the bright season to be
    Shades for the bright season to be
    Dave Algase
    Fewer than 50 hours 'til kickoff into a rollicking stadium of our own fall colors. The essential energies of autumn and winter vibrate with brown, orange, and white. Brown, rooted earth, fixing trees that reveal more branches as each wind blows. We get that here. This year there's such a rush for the Browns, such solid support of their ascendance. Brown dominates: the early history, now into the team's exceptional 2019 primary colors. As they don the helmet stripes Sunday, may they dominate in the direction they're pointing. Orange emerges too, in the growing gourds and the drying, dying leaves. The past must fall and be renewed into that earth. This cycle we may indeed harvest wins bigger even than the size of our heady hopes. And white, plain white, snow white, pure as a fresh start. As fate stirs in the air, and Lake Erie's vapors linger aloft, let our figurative fortunes reflect…
  • Storytelling time
    Storytelling time
    Dave Algase
    Arrright, it's gettin' real. Training camp is behind us. So is the starters' last tuneup game, a decidedly mixed bag. We can now see much more about this team's strengths and vulnerabilities. But I'm not quite ready to slice and dice all that just yet. Why boil it down for the other NFL teams, who scout this blog for oppo intel? (I know this, sure as I know anything measurable about Paul DePodesta's job itself. ) Maybe you have Browns analysis and insight to bring to Kitchens' table. Or maybe you just want to stir the pot with a dash of wit. Join our eclectic and free Browns Writers Development and Showcase group with a simple signal of interest here. Meantime, I've been laying low, gearing up, and all those clichés. But it ain't even "a process" until it proceeds, so it's post time. And yet, I'm not entirely ready to give up summer. I'm…
  • Get set for free tastes of summer Camp Kitchens
    Get set for free tastes of summer Camp Kitchens
    Dave Algase
    It's summer now. Hot dawg days, long but subtly diminishing. Time for vacations, for roaming far afield, maybe setting up camp. Well, our Browns have settled on theirs, dispelling murmurs of Central Ohio interest, and reportedly re-committing to Berea through 2039. The team's HQ and training facility will stay in the city-owned site. And with this week's release of the Browns' training camp schedule, you and yours can steer some part of your summer straight up the striped Beech Street near Baldwin Wallace. Watch the league's most fascinating roster rally into a rival to reckon with! Join Kitchen's crew getting ready to cook right through the fall schedule and serve up scores and wins deep into winter! Five years back I enjoyed a sunny August afternoon watching practice with my dad and son, and I'd do it again. I hear the experience is even better now, though there are some enduring downsides. Chief among…
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