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1950 Championship
Browns QB Otto Graham (60) calls the signals during the epic NFL Championship Game in Cleveland on December 24, 1950. His offensive line is Lou Groza (46), Weldon Humble (38), Frank Gatski (22), Lin Houston (32), and Lou Rymkus (44). Photo courtesy of Roger W. via flickr.

Browns fans don't need glitz and glitter. We have scant tolerance for slick-talking spinmeisters selling a version of reality other than what we can see all too clearly.

The helmets are unadorned. The colors remain those of autumn's and winter's essential energies: orange, brown, and white. They have endured since 1946, when Paul Brown first fielded a war-tempered team with the plainest of names: his. The heroes of that unsurpassed dynasty are mostly gone now, but their animating spirit has survived the most bitter of disappointments and treachery.

Browns fans yearn for a return of the simple greatness that comes from consistently outworking, outsmarting, and outcompeting the opposition. Here at Browns Plainly, we chronicle that quest with honesty, insight, and zeal.

Why did football bring me so to life? I can't say precisely. Part of it was my feeling that football was an island of directness in a world of circumspection. In football a man was asked to do a difficult and brutal job, and he either did it or got out. There was nothing rhetorical or vague about it; I chose to believe that it was not unlike the jobs which all men, in some sunnier past, had been called upon to do. It smacked of something old, something traditional, something unclouded by legerdemain and subterfuge. It had that kind of power over me, drawing me back with the force of something known, scarcely remembered, elusive as integrity -- perhaps it was no more than the force of a forgotten childhood.

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