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Quite a QB quandary

The Browns clearly need and will draft a quarterback (or two). But it ain’t easy to figure who’s the best of this bunch, or how good or bad any of them will be. It sets up a dilemma in which using the fourth-overall pick on a QB is very risky (compared with, say, one of […]

On Sunday, watch Minny’s T-Riches

One of the ironies of yesterday’s Trent Richardson trade is that he won’t be playing for the Browns this Sunday in Minnesota, where the Browns acquired the third overall pick they felt they needed to draft Richardson last year. As with Butch Davis keying on Kellen Winslow II in 2004, the Holmgren/Heckert regime was willing […]

Transparency, Browns style

Make sure you read this Grantland piece. Although it’s not what the writer came for, he does offer an entertaining first-person account of the way the new Browns operate. It’s worth it for the character descriptions alone: CEO Joe Banner: “a little more sarcastic than necessary. But you can just tell he’s hypercompetent.” GM Mike […]

Which safety? It’s a given

To heck with all the pseudo-scientific analysis of the upsides and backsides of every potential draftee. There’s no doubt which of the top safeties the Browns ought to draft. My evaluation system is simple and elegant: Do you want a safety named Eric or one named Earl?

Pocketing passers

Heading into this weekend’s draft, the Browns have needs aplenty: safety, wide receiver, and outside linebacker, for starters. But how exactly will the new regime staff the sport’s most important position? Fortunately, Cleveland now has two quarterbacks capable of starting. But this is no luxury. In today’s NFL, successful teams absolutely need a backup who […]

The fifth pick: Junkin territory

I’ve made my pick in the updated version of the Interblog Mock Draft, featuring bloggers representing each team. Unlike last time, when I drafted Curry and Clay with the Browns’ first two picks, I have my misgivings. Plus, I made my pick before the latest shenanigans, including Kevin Shaffer’s release, so maybe I’d better brush […]