Draft contest: Pick the Browns’ picks, win a Browns book

Look on the Sonny side. The Browns have a dozen picks and a new cast of characters to make them. What plot twists can you predict?

Got a hunch or a hope who the Browns will draft this week? Go on the record and you’ll have a chance to win a signed copy of Brown for the Count: A Compendium of Cleveland Browns Lists by yours truly, mailed straight to you.

Just use this form to name up to 12 players you think the Browns will select at some point during the draft. Whoever gets the most right wins. It’s that simple.

Don’t worry about order or rounds or trades. Just fill out the form completely, try to spell the names right, and submit your entry before the commissioner opens the draft on Thursday night. No¬†strings, no hassles. Just a fun little contest for fellow fans who might be interested in my book (and perhaps buy it even they don’t win). Please leave a comment below if you have a question about the contest, so that all entrants will have a chance to see it and the response. But first, read the fine print:

  1. One entry per person. If more than one entry from an individual is received, all such entries will be disqualified. Entries will be accepted only until the commissioner opens the draft on Thursday, April 28, 2016.
  2. Winning entries will be determined by the greatest number of correct names submitted. A correct name is the first and last name of a player who becomes a 2016 Browns draft selection. While correct spelling is not required, incorrectly spelled entries may be overlooked during the scoring tally.
  3. In case of tie, the following scoring procedure will be applied: each draft pick will be assigned a point value equal to the total number of players drafted, plus one, minus the overall pick. Entries with the same number of correct names will have those names scored based on their draft positions, with the greatest point sum being the winner.
  4. Determination of entry eligibility and winner(s) is at the sole judgement and discretion of the contest sponsor, Browns Plainly and Interspiral Press.
  5. At least one prize will be awarded per 100 valid entries received, rounded up, with a maximum of ten prizes.
  6. Entrants are required to provide a valid email address, which contest sponsors will not share with any third party for any purpose.
  7. Winner(s) will be contacted by email to provide a U.S. mailing address to receive the free prize. Failure to respond within 96 hours of that email will result in forfeiture of the prize, and an alternate winner may be selected.
  8. Employees of the Cleveland Browns, their media and corporate partners, the contest sponsors, and members of their immediate families are ineligible.
  9. There is no cost to enter the contest or receive prizes.