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50 turns 51

The Browns think they may have landed something of a ringer by drafting Beau Bell in the fourth round. Time will tell, but today is as good a time as any to reflect briefly on another linebacker that the Browns acquired to play inside on their 3-4 defense. A mere 26 years ago, Tom Cousineau […]

Cake for four

Several ex-Browns birthdays today. Each of these guys had good NFL careers, with their best seasons being played for the benefit of other teams. Oddly enough (or is it evenly enough?), their birth dates are separated by exact decades: Tony Peters is 55 Mark Bavaro is 45 Earl Holmes is 35. And Bob Briggs is […]

Lying: a Cardinal sin

Well, I gave them a fair shot to correct the record, but they either chose not to or their staff bungled it not unlike their team did in overtime yesterday. I speak of the Arizona Cardinals, current employer of a certain Maurice Carthon. Yes, the former Browns offensive coordinator, having embodied the Peter Principle, is […]

What the Haye?

Amid all the hand-wringing about the defensive line and its problems stopping the run or applying pressure on the QB, there is one name I completely forgot. Or rather, I would’ve forgotten had I not watched him notch a sack for Tampa Bay. Javon Haye was a late summer pickup for the Browns a year […]

The Anti-Ocho

It’s not exactly breaking news that the new Browns’ early drafts yielded a dearth of production. The 1999 draft, despite extra picks in several rounds, produced just one player who remains in the NFL to this day. You’re more of a die-hard than I if you can name him without any digging. I’ll make it […]