That cold steel finish

Fourteen years ago today, the Browns last participated in the playoffs. They couldn’t stanch a Steeler comeback. The season ended there, near the Confluence, as it did in their previous post-season appearance eight years earlier as the original Browns. This current playoff drought is approaching double the length of that 1994-2002 dry spell that included […]

Onward and upward

On this, my last chance to comment on the Browns in 2016, I have appallingly little to offer. But I need to thank those who have fed my Browns fandom through this famine. Foremost is my father, who, truth be told, practically dragged me to a game this year. Fortunately, it was last week’s Christmas […]

The nadir is here

We interrupt this radio silence to announce the nadir. Flashing irrational hope that things won’t — couldn’t! — get any worse, we simply take sad note that the Browns are today a worse football team than they’ve ever been other than the existential crisis of 1995 and the three-year hiatus, it’s now the worst period […]