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The peak of pain

It’s official. The NFL, through its own website, has “honored” the Browns as the top team in their Pain Rankings. Writer Dan Hanzus’ piece is a pretty decent overview of the various disasters of the Super Bowl era, and if you haven’t seen the various videos associated with The Move, The Drive, The Fumble, Red […]

Brians in Browns history

We’re only through the first quarter of the season, but it’s interesting to note the parallels between the two quarterbacks in Browns history named Brian. Both fan favorites were largely overlooked coming out of college, barely saw the field early in their careers, and suffered season-ending injuries after becoming the starter. Neither were known for […]

History holds hope for post-bye Browns

The 1-2 Browns return to action this Sunday in Nashville to face the 1-3 Tennessee Titans, whose head coach is Ken Whisenhunt (Browns’ 1999 special teams coordinator) and defensive coordinator is Ray Horton (same job with 2013 Browns). Another Cleveland connection is Kamerion Wimbley, the Titans’ 30-year-old defensive end, who holds the Browns rookie record […]

Kelly repeatedly beat the best rush defenses

The sheer weight of decades of 16-game seasons has largely eclipsed the statistical accomplishments of Leroy Kelly. Though he retired as the game’s fourth all-time leading rusher, he’s now just 55th in career rushing yards. Inexplicably, it took this legendary Browns running back 20 years and four tries as a finalist to make the Hall […]

Airing out the Browns’ fateful 80

It was almost eight years ago, back when Wheelie became Wheelie, when I first explored the pattern plaguing those who have worn the number 80 for the Browns. Nothing’s happened in the meantime to wrinkle this fateful fabric, so I’ve delved into the full history with a feature of nearly 4,000 words. The first of […]