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Special teams go from weapon to weakness

The Browns have been wretched the last 15 years, but for most of that time, their special teams were wonderful. That’s thin gruel, sure, but subsistence nonetheless. Under coordinators Jerry Rosburg (2001-06) and Brad Seely (2009-10) especially, the Browns had consistently excellent results with kicking, returns and coverage. Key to that success was stability with […]

That familiar fetal feeling

I was surprised, although the Steelers were heavily favored and at home, that the Browns came out of the gate so flat. All three phases, absolute amateur hour. But recall how Chud got whacked within a year because the team failed to show improvement. After a 3-27 first-half deficit in his debut, Mike Pettine won’t […]

One for the ages

I’m very grateful to have had the chance to take my dad and son to last Sunday’s crucial win over the dreaded Ravens. It was a memorable experience made possible through the generosity of the Browns, the extraordinary Southeast Michigan Browns Backers and its members, and my folks, who won the tickets at the Browns Backers’ […]

Pulling out the stops pays off

That was one exciting game, and a much-needed win for the whole Browns organization. Congrats to Chud for his first career win as a head coach, especially given the extraordinary circumstances of the last week. Here are a few fast facts from the 31-27 road win: In their first game without Trent Richardson, three different […]

Fin de si├Ęckening

You probably saw the Browns lose to the Dolphins in their 2013 season opener. You probably have some opinions on it too. So if you need to, look elsewhere for your recaps and rants. What you find here will probably be quirky, disjointed, and of moderate significance only.1. The Browns allowed only 20 yards rushing, […]

Leaps in bounds!

It was heartpounding, it was inches from agony, it was slow and sloppy and a sliver-thin in its final score. Yes, it was a characteristic Browns win, a 17-16 home squeaker over the Dolphins. No doubt that the Browns’ defense kept them in the game by keeping the Miami backs and receivers in front of […]

What this win changes

It can’t be the Browns’ worst season if they beat Pittsburgh. Three games remain before we can say where the 2009 Mangini weenies will rank alongside 1975, 1990, 1995, and the six teams winning five or fewer games in the latest decade. Could they still be the worst squad in the Browns’ long history? Nah. […]