Seriously, NFL GMs: You Want Brock.

Go ahead, just try and make us not dress him up in brown and orange. Ever. (Adam Bettcher/Getty)

Open letter to the other NFL teams who may be interested in a cut-rate QB we’ll help you pay for:

Don’t wait for us to release Brock Osweiler. We expect a bidding war, just not one structured to relieve us of much of that $16 million he’s getting this year regardless.

Perhaps you’re looking for a bridge quarterback, or a backup who has played a bit. You can never have too much depth at the game’s most important position, right?

Really, a mid-round draft pick (or a player still under multiyear team control) will do it for this  big boy. Vet minimum from you, while we blissfully deaden what lies beneath our salary cap.

No strings on you, plus you can hope he produces enough to earn a reasonable extension. If you need to play him, that is.

Not that we aren’t enthusiastic about seeing him compete here in the Browns’ fearsome quarterback room. He’s got tools, no doubt, lest we forget why he went 57th overall, got $37 million guaranteed a year ago, and is still just 26. And still six-foot-seven.

But who are we kidding? We went 1-15. We’ve got needs all across the board, so Osweiler just might be a luxury we could see ourselves sacrificing under the right conditions. We’d hate to hold him hostage or anything. Capiche?

Believe me on this one. We are urgently focused on identifying and obtaining a championship-level quarterback for this football team. Unless we’ve already obtained him. And after studied analysis, we’re convinced that Osweiler might just fit that bill. For you guys.