Stuffed Grossi

Browns defensive coordinator Gregg Williams defiantly deflects Tony Grossi's opening shot.
The first question that new Browns defensive coordinator Gregg Williams fielded from the local media came from veteran beat writer Tony Grossi. I found it fascinating enough to transcribe.
Grossi: Gregg, you sound like a straight shooter so let’s cut to the chase. How have you changed since the suspension?
Williams: And we’re not here to talk about that. Are you Tony?
Grossi: Yes.
Williams: Yeah, we’re not here to talk about that. What else you wanna talk about?
Grossi: Why– wait a minute, why won’t, why– it’s a simple–
Williams: Could you– ┬áis there a quote out there of me ever talking about it? So you wanna be the first guy that has a quote?
Grossi: [unintelligible], I found quotes from you about it.
Williams: Use that one then. What else?
Jeff Schudel: How would you describe your defense?
Defensive, I’d say.
For those unfamiliar with either, Williams was hired last week, his ninth NFL stop. That’s if you include the year he didn’t spend with the Rams in 2012 because he was suspended for his role in the notorious Saints bounty scandal.
You can make your own judgments about him — and I recommend you watch his whole press conference — but I found him to be extremely self-assured, interesting to listen to, and clear that his career depends on being listened to.
Grossi, now writing for ESPN Cleveland and heard often on local sports radio, lost his long-held Browns beat at the Plain Dealer in 2012 after some injudicious tweeting about then-owner Randy Lerner.
He remains on the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee, where his service has included ensuring that another former Browns owner is not enshrined.
But their reputations, for good and ill, preceded them, so neither of them really needs an introduction. Certainly not one like that.