It’s official: Hue Jackson is the man

Hue Jackson
New Browns head coach Hue Jackson worked with Terrelle Pryor in Oakland and again briefly in 2015 in Cincinnati.

The Browns officially have their man, and at 6:30 p.m. they’ll introduce Hue Jackson as the team’s 16th head coach.

The Bengals’ offensive coordinator will be the eighth man in this job since the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, equaling the total from the old era, which lasted 50 years.

The Browns have hired a successful coordinator, a confident leader who is popular with his players, who include current Browns Terrelle Pryor and Andrew Hawkins.

And he has at least a taste of NFL head coaching experience, only the third Browns head coach (along with Nick Skorich and Eric Mangini) to come to the position with that credential. At age 50, he’s the second-oldest head coaching hire since the return.

There will be much to to say about Jackson’s background and the implications of his hiring on the Browns. But for now, I’ll just exercise questionable judgment and share how I (and probably many Browns fans) first became aware of his name. It was after the 2006 game in which Browns safety Brian Russell laid out the Bengals’ Chad Johnson:

Interviewed in the locker room afterward, Johnson showed obvious signs of concussion, but he did manage to spot his receivers coach across the room, which is how I first heard the name Hue: