Best Browns since 1999

Interesting summary of Waiting for Next Year’s rather extensive fan polling.

I wonder of the 55 players chosen for this mythical squad, how many would make such a squad spanning the entire Browns history?  The new Browns have played 21% of all Browns seasons and roughly a quarter of all games. So that would rate 11 or 12.

Which “new” Browns could make the cut for an all-time Browns squad?

  • Joe Thomas 
  • Winslow and/or Heiden at TE
  • Cribbs as a returner
  • maybe Dawson as a modern kicker, since Lou will already be in at LT
  • even Roye at DE/DT is a stretch

I honestly don’t see any others ousting originals. Not unless your criteria favors single-season feats over sustained excellence.

Now, if D’Qwell Jackson plays up to the new contract he just signed and makes a few Pro Bowls, he could fit on the linebacker depth chart down the road. But really no other current Brown is even that close to rating as an all-timer. Too young, too much turnover, bad drafts and bad luck. Get well soon, Mr. Heckert.