Many happy returns

Did I mention yet that Joshua Cribbs is my favorite Browns player? Do I even have to explain why?

Well, if the excitement and charisma he brings to the game aren’t enough for you, here’s some strong statistical proof of JC’s value: considering punt and kickoff returns, he added 622 yards above the league average last season. That’s the best season for any return specialist since 1970, and perhaps all time.

That’s according to the Pro-Football-Reference blog, which ranked each team’s return prowess for each season since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. The 2007 Browns came out second overall, trailing only the 2003 Chiefs, featuring Dante Hall. Pretty good, when you consider that’s out of 1,093 team-seasons.

Not likely he’s surfing the internet tonight, but it’s worth wishing Josh a happy 25th birthday anyway.