Legends on the line

History buffs like me enjoy the idea of the Browns Legends Club. I have some quibbles with the selection methodology (fan voting counts for just 20%), presentation (the official site’s navigation could be better), and even the results, but I enjoy the concept and the chance to bring the team’s great legacy of contributors into sharper focus.

Now that the (unnamed) panel has come up with this year’s nominees, let’s organize the names by era to see who’s in, who’s up, and who’s still left out.


Legends (year inducted)
Otto Graham (automatic HOF inclusion)
Bill Willis (HOF)
Lou Groza (HOF)
Marion Motley (HOF)
Frank Gatski (HOF)
Len Ford (HOF)
Dante Lavelli (HOF)
Mike McCormack (HOF)
Ray Renfro (2001)
Mac Speedie (2002)
Bob Gain (2003)
Tommy James (2004)
Dub Jones (2004)
Jim Ray Smith (2005)
Walt Michaels (2006)
Horace Gillom (2007)

2008 Nominees
Tony Adamle, LB (1947-51, ’54)
Don Colo, DT (1953-58)
Abe Gibron, G (1950-56)
Kenny Konz, S (1953-59)
Warren Lahr, CB (1948-59)
Cliff Lewis, QB/S (1946-51)
Don Paul, CB (1954-58)

Biggest snubs
Edgar “Special Delivery” Jones
Lin Houston
Chuck Noll
Lou Rymkus
Lou Saban
John Sandusky
Tommy Thompson
George Young
Darrel “Pete” Brewster

My choice: Lahr (Gibron and Adamle, runners-up)


Jim Brown (HOF)
Bobby Mitchell (HOF)
Paul Warfield (HOF)
Leroy Kelly (HOF)
Gene Hickerson (2001, HOF)
Dick Schafrath (2003)
Gary Collins (2004)
Frank Ryan (2005)
Jim Houston (2006)
Bill Glass (2007)

2008 Nominees
Erich Barnes, CB (1965-71)
Monte Clark, T (1963-69)
Vince Costello, MLB (1957-66)
Galen Fiss, LB (1956-66)
Ernie Green, RB (1962-68)
Jim Kanicki, DT (1963-69)
Bernie Parrish, CB (1959-66)
Paul Wiggin, DE (1957-67)
John Wooten, G (1959-67)

Biggest snubs
Jim Shofner
Milt Plum
John Morrow
Ross Fichtner
Johnny Brewer

My choice: Costello (Green and Wiggin, runners-up)


Brian Sipe (2002)
Greg Pruitt (2001)
Mike Pruitt (2004)
Jerry Sherk (2005)
Doug Dieken (2006)
Don Cockroft (2007)

2008 Nominees
Thom Darden, S (1972-74, 1976-81)
Tom DeLeone, C (1974-84)
Jack Gregory, DE (1967-71, ’79)
Robert E. Jackson, G (1975-85)
Walter Johnson, DT (1965-76)
Milt Morin, TE (1966-75)
Bill Nelsen, QB (1968-72)
Reggie Rucker, WR (1975-81)
Clarence Scott, DB (1971-83)

Biggest snubs
Dick Ambrose
Ron Bolton
Charlie Hall
“Turkey” Joe Jones
Cleo Miller

My choice: Darden (Johnson and Morin, runners-up)


Ozzie Newsome (HOF)
Joe DeLamielleure (HOF)
Bernie Kosar (2001)
Michael Dean Perry (2001)
Clay Matthews (2002)
Hanford Dixon (2003)
Frank Minnifield (2005)
Earnest Byner (2006)
Kevin Mack (2007)

2008 Nominees
Matt Bahr, K (1981-89)
Brian Brennan, WR (1984-91)
Dan Fike, OL (1985-92)
Carl Hairston, DE (1984-89)
Eddie Johnson, LB (1981-90)
Tony Jones, T (1988-95)
Reggie Langhorne, WR (1985-91)
Dave Logan, WR (1976-83)
Eric Metcalf, RB/PR (1989-94)
Cody Risien, T (1979-83, 1985-89)
Webster Slaughter, WR (1986-91)

Biggest snubs
Bob Golic
Leroy Hoard
Mike Johnson
Eric Turner
Mike Baab
Felix Wright
Michael Jackson

My choice: Logan (Hairston and Slaughter, runners-up).

So, who are you voting for?