Feast your eyes

Waiting for the Browns and their 4 p.m. start, I came across a few interesting videos.

Josh Cribbs is not only is he the most entertaining player on the field, he’s the most entertaining storyteller too.

Just listen to Jason Wright and you understand why this former undrafted free agent has caught on as one of Phil Savage’s first-year signings. Impressive.

I’ve been thinking about strange Browns coincidences for an upcoming magazine piece, and here’s one that never occurred to me before today:
  • In 1970, the Browns acquired the third overall pick from Joe Thomas.

  • In 2007, the Browns acquired Joe Thomas with the third overall pick.
  • In each of those years, the Dolphins ended up with a former Ohio State receiver, while the Browns drafted their supposed quarterback of the future from an Indiana school.

For Browns fans like me, too young to remember Paul Warfield and Mike Phipps, this is your chance to see them in action.

And in case you missed Romeo’s interview on a certain well-known radio program this week, click below. As always, nothing too shocking escapes the coach’s mouth, but it’s a nice example of the national attention the Browns are receiving this season, illustrated with ample offensive highlights.