Since the true measure of a team’s draft takes years to realize, and since the Browns have nowhere to go but up, I’ll settle for now with this little list of “instant objectives.” These are goals that may not all be possible, but at least they’ll be measurable by the end of this weekend. Granted, this may not be the framework that Phil Savage and friends will utilize, but it does give us semi-informed fans some sort of emotional ballast as the news of each round washes over us.

  • Bolster the defense with at least four new players, including at least one lineman, linebacker, and DB. Importance: High. Urgency: High.
  • Acquire a left tackle to eventually succeed Ross Verba. Importance: High. Urgency: High.
  • Restock the roster by drafting at least eight players (obviously requiring some sort of trade). Importance: High. Urgency: High.
  • Acquire a quarterback of the future, someone projected as a viable starter in about two years. Importance: High. Urgency: Medium.
  • Throughout the weekend, the new Browns braintrust should project confidence, comity, coordination, and competence at all times. Importance: Medium. Urgency: High.
  • Add at least two players who are immediately projected as strong candidates to start as rookies. Importance: Medium. Urgency: Medium.
  • Salvage some semblance of value in trading William Green. Importance: Medium. Urgency: Low.

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