Inspired by ESPN scholar Gregg Easterbrook’s challenge to “write a clever haiku encapsulating your favorite team, and submit it to [email protected],” I penned not one but two of those nifty little poems (click here for a fuller explanation of the haiku form).

But alas, the email address repeatedly rejected my contributions. You’d think that a noted scholar working with a premier sports website could do better than freebie email. Maybe it’s his way of limiting the contributions he has to consider. Just smack anything beyond the 4MB mailbox quota back in your readers’ face.

Anyway, in this week’s typically voluminous column, he published somebody else’s Browns haiku, and I thought it sucked.

So ESPN’s loss is now a gainer for this blog’s loyal readers. Here are my two Browns haikus:

Logo-less helmets

fastened tight, Browns play on field

named for — ah! — the team.

I like this next one even better, especially in light of Courtney’s good day against Indy:

Paul’s dead. Jim retired.

The Browns’ namesake greatness may

yet come to an end.

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