I don’t know exactly where I’ll be sitting, but I fully expect to be at Ford Field tonight to watch the Browns take on the Lions. It should be a great game to see in person, because you’re not limited to the camera angles. You can focus on whoever and whatever you’re interested in evaluating. And there will be much to evaluate.

Is Gerard Warren getting pushed around, or is his lack of stats deceiving? Will Courtney Brown be a factor? Will the linebackers be tentative or tenacious? Which corners give us the best chance to shut down the talented fleet of wideouts on this year’s schedule? Which sleepers might survive the cuts based on special teams effort? How well do the quarterbacks pick up the open man? Which men are getting open most often? And among the tight ends, who offers the best combination of blocking and receiving prowess?

The starters will get their most extensive playing time, while many young careers willl live or die based on this final chance. I’ll let you know what I see.

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